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原创 The digital transformation of the Korean music industry and the global emergence of K-pop

School of Humanities and Social Sciences Research Seminar SeriesDepartment of Media and CommunicationDATE: Tuesday, 4 May 2021 TIME: 18:00-19:00VENUE: HS436MODERATOR: Dr Marco PellitteriFor any enquiries, please contact: COM@xjtlu.edu.cnProf. Shin Do

2021-04-30 19:29:32

原创 student consulting system

may hold cross domain activitiesjust be aware of thatthings may work differently there

2021-04-30 18:53:55

原创 bike with a famous logo

is a cheatsincethe audidoes not produce that bikeit is only for the additional service by the 4s shopit is truly meaningless for the customer

2021-04-30 18:52:07 1

原创 wash your month after meal

The prevalence of bad breath in China is 28%, and 83.5% of Chinese people do not have the habit of rinsing their mouth after meals. That is, basically one in five people have bad breath.

2021-04-30 16:38:44 2

原创 foldable bike

if you want to order a bikewithout doing things likeassemblying thema foldable bike is a great choicesinceyou can open it when ever you get itwith the help of the speed changing systemit is easy and portable for moving around

2021-04-30 15:07:41 1 1

原创 Bias in Search and Recommender Systems

We explore the vicious cycle of bias on the Web related to search and recommender systems. The first bias is activity bias [1], called by Nielsen participation inequality in Internet [3]. This means that when sampling content, data will have many different

2021-04-30 14:22:24 4

原创 Understanding Biases in Search & Recommender Systems

Understanding Biases in Search & Recommender SystemsLearn and understand the biases that affect search and recommender systems and how these biases impact everyone – from marketers to end-users.Greg Jarboe Greg Jarboe / December 13, 2019 / 8 min read

2021-04-30 14:21:38 8

原创 Flask


2021-04-30 14:20:43

原创 Flask快速上手


2021-04-30 14:12:31

原创 Flask 模板

Flask 模板2020-10-09 09:52 更新在前面的实例中,视图函数的主要作用是生成请求的响应,这是最简单请求.实际上,视图函数有两个作用:处理业务逻辑返回响应内容在大型应用中,把业务逻辑和表现内容放在一起,会增加代码的复杂度和维护成本.模板其实是一个包含响应文本的文件,其中用占位符(变量)表示动态部分,告诉模板引擎其具体的值需要从使用的数据中获取使用真实值替换变量,再返回最终得到的字符串,这个过程称为’渲染’Flask 是使用 Jinja2 这个模板引擎来渲染模板使用模板的好处

2021-04-30 14:10:35 1

原创 使用模板

使用模板摘抄Web框架把我们从WSGI中拯救出来了。现在,我们只需要不断地编写函数,带上URL,就可以继续Web App的开发了。但是,Web App不仅仅是处理逻辑,展示给用户的页面也非常重要。在函数中返回一个包含HTML的字符串,简单的页面还可以,但是,想想新浪首页的6000多行的HTML,你确信能在Python的字符串中正确地写出来么?反正我是做不到。俗话说得好,不懂前端的Python工程师不是好的产品经理。有Web开发经验的同学都明白,Web App最复杂的部分就在HTML页面。HTML不仅要

2021-04-30 14:10:08 1

原创 how can you save more space at home?


2021-04-30 14:08:30 3

原创 invester is the person whose opinion is so valuable

if you have an investeryou are expected to listen to him or herthat is so important a thingyou should listen to themsince they invest money on you

2021-04-30 13:59:11 1

原创 if you canget up early

if you canget up earlythings will be better!if you can carefully select the information in the video story to be shared with your familythings will be better!

2021-04-29 15:52:02 1

原创 business man

business man from zhejiang proviencethey have a high ability to do maththey also have a good mind for doing business, which we should learn from

2021-04-29 15:49:56 1

原创 tree map

In information visualization and computing, treemapping is a method for displaying hierarchical data using nested figures, usually rectangles.Treemap of the 2016 United States presidential election results in Florida by county, on a color spectrum from De

2021-04-29 15:45:35 11

原创 Princeton_University_Statement_of_Purposes

I have continuingly been learning and researching technological topics in Autonomous Systems, which is a major area of Engineering in Computer Science (CS), corresponding to my undergraduate studies in CSEE at the University of Liverpool. I firmly believe

2021-04-29 12:01:05 15

原创 give girls more options to choose

you need the options available for others for choosingthat is really importanttry not only give them one choicewhich is not user friendly

2021-04-28 21:50:18 15

原创 do not tell much about your past

you always want the futurejust focus on the future!

2021-04-28 21:49:14 1

原创 how to find your love?

if you want to find your love in universitieshere is howthinking frame:you can not do more things hotter than going to movies with girlssotry to make more communicationthentry to use the consultation system provided by the universityandthenyou fi

2021-04-28 21:48:31 3

原创 西服保养

#mermaid-svg-rkrfHAnYapvrxwnQ .label{font-family:'trebuchet ms', verdana, arial;font-family:var(--mermaid-font-family);fill:#333;color:#333}#mermaid-svg-rkrfHAnYapvrxwnQ .label text{fill:#333}#mermaid-svg-rkrfHAnYapvrxwnQ .node rect,#mermaid-svg-rkrfHAnYa.

2021-04-28 11:08:33 3

原创 video camera in shanghai

video camera in shanghai is relatively more than that in other places

2021-04-27 21:23:36 7

原创 shanghai international trade center

HEIGHT146.5 m / 480.6 ftFLOORS35Official NameShanghai International Trade CenterTypeBuildingStatusCompleted, 1990CountryChinaCityShanghaiAddress2200 Yanan Road WestFunctionoffice

2021-04-27 21:22:44 1

原创 working attitude from workers in shanghai

Cab drivers get up at 4 a.m. to work

2021-04-27 21:20:03 2

if taxi does not introduce a double of the transportation cost

try to use public trasnportationsince public transportation such as subway is convenient in large citiesThe time of taking a taxi and public transportation in big cities needs to be compared, if there is not more than double the time to improve, there is

2021-04-27 21:00:49 1

原创 challenging and foundational

try to combine these two things togetherthat is a good approach attitute for studying

2021-04-27 20:58:40 2

原创 FESCO Adecco

FESCO Adecco is a joint-venture human resources services company combining the strengths of FESCO Group (a China 500 Company and the first Chinese company in the human resources industry) and the Adecco Group (a fortune Global 500 Company and a world’s lea

2021-04-27 20:57:43 30

原创 ways to keep health

basicallydrink water if you canthat is a good habit

2021-04-27 20:56:29 2

原创 easy and hard things

it is easy to do a lot of easy thingsit is essential to do a lot of esay thingswhich serves at a foundation for hard thingsin the future

2021-04-27 20:46:56

原创 when to book didi?

as soon as you have the intention to book a taxiHit the drops as early as possibleif you have a call, that are urgent somehowyou may get it done while you are at the car

2021-04-27 20:45:31 1

原创 why wearing masks?

Wearing a mask can increase your ability to moveespecially if you have urgent things to do in Shanghai

2021-04-27 20:44:19 2

原创 City planning in Shanghai

Planting Peonies on Shanghai Viaducts

2021-04-27 20:42:50 1

原创 coming music shows

2021-04-27 20:37:58 10

原创 逻辑回归


2021-04-27 03:31:50

原创 归一化


2021-04-27 03:30:56 5

原创 how can you process paper based material in a relative short period of time?

set up your environment like thisand thentry to make your paper based materials into paper by paper scenariothenyou can have one paper from your original sidepassing through the video showing ipadto the other side of the tablethroughout this proces.

2021-04-27 03:06:55 199

原创 why will you save the valuable photos in your wechat channel, which is not visible to others?

it is becausewhen i went back to homei have some resources for supporting my storyi want to share my insights with my familytry to give them the intuition for the current rapid changing environmentthe emerging streaming channel is a great approach fo.

2021-04-27 02:31:13 189

原创 what should you do if you want to become an expert in one domain

try to polish your skills as much as possible by yourselfthen learn from the master students in this domainthen make corresponding iterations consequently

2021-04-27 02:19:30 46

原创 how fast can we post information from ipad to mac through type c?

pretty fastas far as i am concerned

2021-04-27 02:18:01 2

原创 the automatic video creating function is great

on mate 30 hosted by huawei phone

2021-04-27 02:15:56 4

PDF Expert 2.5.16..dmg

PDF Expert 2.5.16..dmg


DeepL.dmg most powerful translator

DeepL.dmg most powerful translator





信保链 presentation 终稿.pptx



ICCAR 2021 Proceedings-final.rar









2021 mcm 全部题目翻译

2021 mcm 全部题目翻译


Arm_Training copy.pdf





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